Vintage LED Lights are Winning Over More and More Fans Every day

Vintage LED Lights are Winning Over More and More Fans Every day

Polar Ray Admin

Vintage LED Lights are Winning Over More and More Fans Every day

Vintage LED lights have suddenly become omnipresent. From upscale condominiums to exotic restaurants to plush suburbs, it has caught the fancy of people and has become a rage. People were fed up with the high recurring bills of traditional incandescent bulbs, and also the dullness of plain LED and CFL lights. They wanted the boldness and resplendence of old, vintage filament bulbs with power saving capabilities of the LED technology.

Advantages of vintage LED lights

A lot of interior decorators are also recommending vintage LED lamps for their residential and commercial projects. Also, these bulbs can produce the same warmth and glow which traditional incandescent bulbs could manage. These bring the best of both worlds. However, they have also managed to overcome a major drawback of ordinary vintage bulbs. These LED lamps are extremely economical, unlike the energy guzzling incandescent lamps.

There are also a number of manufacturers, like Polar-Ray, which makes LED lights that replicate vintage Edison bulbs. Edison had filed his first patent for lighting in the year 1879 and you have to agree that the world has progressed a lot since then in terms of energy generation and consumption practices. It is truly remarkable that some manufacturers have managed to create the quaint 'olde worlde' feeling without compromising on the modern technological innovations that have managed to reduce power consumption and pollution. Replacing LED bulbs are also not that difficult these days as separate components are easily available in the market. So you can replace individual parts if something goes wrong without having to change the entire system. That means most vintage LED lighting systems have a shelf life which may go over a decade or two, and with good maintenance, may be a little more.

Now restaurateurs, spa owners, and other hospitality businesses are adopting vintage LED lights to ramp up the mood for a nice, cozy evening without going overboard or running huge establishment costs which nullify the benefits. Dinners have never before been so romantic or spending lazy summer evenings with a book in your hands have never been more fun. A lot of these newly developed vintage LED lights score highly on the CRI index (color-rendering index), a metric used to measure the ability of a light source to produce an accurate color composition. The glow is not only as splendid as traditional exposed filament bulbs but they are stable and spread evenly over a large radius.

Now, you know why you should get vintage LED bulbs for your home or business. It has multiple advantages and each seems to be more attractive than the other. Just grab them with both hands.

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