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What makes different and better?

WE are REALLY HELPFUL at  OK,  we are actually obsessed with making LED lighting easy to understand and exceeding our customers’ expectations!

How many consultants does it take to screw in a LED lightbulb?

Your parents didn't need an engineering degree or consultant to purchase a light bulb... but things have changed!

Your parent's old school light bulb only lasted a few months so they had a second chance to get the right bulb.. and a third, and a fourth. The old school bulbs cost only cents to buy...  but dollars to operate. If your parents screwed up... or screwed in...  the wrong bulb they just tossed it in the kitchen junk drawer to use elsewhere someday.

Your new LED bulb is WAY different. It will last longer than your refrigerator and will cost dollars to buy... but only cents to operate. There is no kitchen drawer bailout for you.. so with just a little help from Polar Ray you’ll find it easy to select the right LED bulb for your home or commercial application. Hey, you can even sell the ladder your dad gave you to use to change bulbs... you won't ever need it!

The new LED technology can be very confusing to the average consumer but the “above average consumer” knows how to gets it right and find the best deal by shopping at Polar Ray. Either online or on the phone, we promise to make it easy.  

THE ABOVE AVERAGE CONSUMER BUYS THEIR LEDS AT POLAR-RAY.COM where satisfaction is always guaranteed! (we get very very few returns!)

The AVERAGE CONSUMER might be tempted to shop for their LED lights at a big box where LED = Light Emitting Disappointment

WARNING!! the balding old dude in the colorful apron at the big box (who was in lumber department yesterday) might help you read the LED box and call that service. Honestly, if you are lucky enough to even find him… he's clueless. Don't believe me? Ask him for his recommendation for the bulb with the highest R9 rating…  he will scratch his head and explain that he is actually the lumber guy. Face it, you are on your own and are likely to purchase a discounted bulb with poor color rendering that can’t even dim! 

Shopping for LED lights at is different. (we don’t sell lumber or plumbing or even books)

We are here to help you find the right LED light for your new house or retrofit project and get it to you fast and at the best price.

Shop online: We give you all the important information to make your choice.


Call us: 303-494-5773 Text us: 720-252-5837  A lighting expert will discuss your project and help you find the right choice Our prices are so good it's where your electrician or home builder might be buying their LEDs!

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