Quirky and Innovative Applications of LEDs

Polar Ray Admin

In just a few short years, LEDs have become increasingly popular as they are replacing CFL lights all across the globe due to their wide variety of uses. LEDs are compact, unidirectional, mouldable, energy efficient, and emit very little heat. For conventional lighting purposes, LEDs are the clear winner but over the years, businesses and individuals have found some truly creative uses for LEDs.

Improving workplace productivity

According to researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, LED lights can be used to make employees more productive. They created LED virtual sky panels which can be used to create a sky-like environment in an office and give workers the impression that they are under open sunlight. These lights were considered to be more pleasing to the eyes, and they could be used en masse across offices to improve the productivity of workforces.

Bionic contact lens

Imagine a world where you could use LED contact lens to view an augmented reality in place of the world around you. Thanks to some amazing people at Finland’s Aalto University, it could be a reality in the near future. Researchers developed a prototype that works be sending data across to a transparent sapphire chip which contains a single micro-LED. This permits the wearer to view what they may normally view on their computer screen or smartphone with nothing but the contacts and their eyes. You could essentially do everything from these lenses and you could look smashing while doing it!

LED-based wall lights

Regularly changing your home’s wallpaper or painting it can be a cumbersome and expensive process. However, in the very near future, you can do this with the flick of a button. Philips is currently testing out and selling prototypes of LED wallpapers that can easily be configured with any combination of colours you desire. They can dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and simultaneously emit a very soothing glow.

LED-laced eyelashes

You could really a turn a party on its head by wearing some mad LED-laced eyelashes! Soomi Park is currently designing LED eyelashes that seek to combine beauty with LED technology. These lit-up eyelashes will make your eyes appear larger than they are and you can turn them on and off by simply tilting your head. This innovation is going to more such LED beauty products pop up in the near future, and while they may be a little bizarre, you will certainly have everyone’s attention!