Intelligent LED Lighting Will Play An Influential Role In The Internet

Polar Ray Admin

It is a stretch to assume that LEDs will play an incredibly crucial role in the future of the IoT as they are just lights in the end, but with a little bit of intelligence and few handy sensors, they are influencing the way the IoT is coming to our lives. LEDs have already found prominent usage in applications such as remote control, mood adjustion, energy conservation, and various other applications that require the usage of a smart sensor.

LEDs with Internet connectivity

Smart LEDs with sensor technology that play a crucial role in ensuring that many such smart devices work need to have Internet connectivity. The introduction of the Internet Protocol version 6 (Ipv6) has made it possible to embed rapid Internet connectivity into every single light bulb on the cheap. This makes it very easy to interconnect LED nodes in a programmable network. Now there are several technologies that cannot survive without LED-connected devices.

LEDs in IoT-enabled homes

LEDs are a major components of IoT-enabled homes as their usage plays a big role in heating systems, kitchen appliances, and metering. According to a study conducted by ON World, wireless LED light bulbs will be among the fastest growing IoT markets in the next years due to the huge demand for cloud-connected LED lights and smart applications and devices. For example, you can now purchase a LED that contains built-in chips that will directly connect to a Wi-Fi network and you can connect it to your smartphone. In this scenario, you can use an app to control the lights among other things.

Intelligent lights and intelligent things

By connecting to your smartphone or a wearable device on your body, the lights in your home will be able to learn from and respond to the data generated so that lighting can be adjusted accordingly. Such data generated will also be used to automatically adjust HVAC systems based on body temperature and outside temperature. When you are working, it will be capable of picking up your biometric sensors to track alertness and automatically boost your focus in the event your attention starts to waver. All of this and much more will be possible due to smart and interconnected LED lighting systems. With these systems, we will be able to create smart buildings that will completely change the way we interact with out space.