LED Bulbs - They’re Perfect

LED Bulbs - They’re Perfect

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LED Bulbs - They’re Perfect

When it comes to lighting, decisions are surprisingly hard to make. You wouldn’t think so, but the choices and utilities offered by different types of lights, and the trade-offs between style and efficiency, can actually make for some painful deliberation. LED lights are currently considered one of the better lighting options available in the market, mostly because they allow you to make the decorating choices you need without compromising efficiency.

No, we’re not joking. Seriously.

Check out these benefits to having LED bulbs in your home:

1) They last forever, almost.

In terms of the lifecycle of lights, LED bulbs tend to outlast most other options available in the market. Our LED lights last at least 30,000 hours, if not more. So if you’d like lighting that doesn’t need to be replaced every six months? LED lights are the answer.

2) They look pretty.

LED lights are often used widely on score boards, bill boards, restaurant displays, festive lighting, and more for one very good reason - they hold color amazingly well. Rendering color without dilution or a faded-looking glow. Now with traditional warm white dimmable whites available LED lights can be put to multiple applications for your home and your business. Opting for Vintage LED bulbs can add a nice decorative touch to your home.

3) They’re green!

Well, yes, you can get them in the color green, but they’re also environmentally green. They consume very little energy for their high output, and also contain no hazardous substances like mercury. They’re efficient too, which means that they can put out 135 lumens/watt which is nearly 10 times the light per watt as an old school incandescent.

4) Break-proof, or the closest thing to it.

Old fashioned light bulbs, while aesthetically pleasing to look at, are very fragile. Their delicate glass bulbs can be broken easily, which means you’ll have to keep replacing them. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are the Navy SEALS of the light world - they’re tough and good to have on board when confronted with tricky lighting situations.

5) Control. So much control.

The tech world is now teaming up with lighting to offer business and home owners customizable lighting, often controlled by your existing dimmers or by using electronic controls designed especially for LEDs. The LED light’s unique ability to change brightness and shift color on command is now available. Quality LED bulbs and fixtures are designed to dim down just like the old bulbs did and some even shift from white to soft glowing sunset colors to add ambiance at the lower light levels.

6) Affordable. 

LED lights now cost a fraction of what they did a few years ago making the payback in saved electricity charges remarkably quick… in some cases under a year which puts money back in your pocket every year after that.


With all these benefits to using LED bulbs, there is no earthly reason why you shouldn’t use them for all your lighting needs. You may be surprised to find all of the different styles and choices of bulbs, fixtures and helpful information available on our web site:

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