What Are the Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting Solutions?

What Are the Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting Solutions?

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What Are the Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting Solutions?

LED lighting is one of the smartest solutions in the illumination space right now. It is energy efficient and easy to install. There is almost zero maintenance cost and LEDs can add a touch of aesthetic beauty to your home or office. LEDs also have a number of useful commercial applications. It is undoubtedly becoming the preferred choice for most residential and commercial building projects.

As the popularity for LED lighting grows, demand for a number of related accessories like luminaires and LED light fixtures are also growing. Many lighting and design experts have predicted that the next boom or revolution in the LED space could be led by recessed or can (short for canister) lights.

Look at some of the advantages of LED recessed lights or downlights.

Easy to install in new properties: Your electrical contractor will install recessed cans into your ceiling grid just like the traditional cans are installed.  In fact, LED recessed luminaires will fit into incandescent cans or you may choose a special LED recessed can and connector in order to comply with local codes like Title 24 in California.  

Recessed LED lights make a room look more spacious: Recessed LED lights can make a room look bigger than it is. If it is installed in a ceiling, it creates an illusion of a taller ceiling and as a wall wash, it makes the room look bigger. A soft, delicate hue emanates from a LED canister, which blurs the perimeter boundaries creating a visual impression of spaciousness. LED fixtures are unobtrusive and the wide choice of colors and trims means they are compatible to different interior or exterior styling concepts.

Recessed LED lights are versatile and energy efficient: Recessed lights can be used almost anywhere. Since these fixtures are not obtrusive, they illuminate your area of work better offering light that can be controlled for the task at hand.  Dimmable LED lights provide you will the opportunity to change the intensity of the light to suit your needs or even shift the color to use them as mood lights. All LED luminaires are very energy efficient and last for many years without bulb changes.

LED canister lights look uncluttered and sophisticated. They can be used as accent lights, ambient lights or for illuminating a particular spot. They can add a dash of aesthetics to your indoor/outdoor lighting project with style and service free energy efficiency. If you are still confused about whether to go ahead with LED recess fixtures for your project, call us with your questions and to discuss your project. 

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