The emergence of LED recessed lighting

The emergence of LED recessed lighting

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Recessed lighting refers to lighting that is located in a hollow opening in a ceiling. Recessed lighting dissipates light in a downward facing manner and it is widely prevalent all over your daily life in houses, offices, retail stores, basements, parking garages, malls, theaters, and a huge number of places.

LED recessed lighting

Recessed lighting has soared in popularity ever since it was introduced in the 1950s. LED recessed lighting has rapidly become popular thanks its numerous advantages over conventional CFLs and incandescents. The production, sale, and use of LEDs has surged in the 21st century and LEDs are expected to completely replace incandescents and mercury emitting CFLs in the near future.

Recessed LED lighting has a longer lifespan

Most recessed LED bulbs, commercial and residential, will emit light for at least a decade and last over 25 times longer than conventional incandescents. They will also last 5-10 times more than CFL lighting, reducing the need for constant replacements. This longevity of LEDs will ensure that their high initial costs are repaid over time.

Wide range of colors

Recessed LEDs are available in an incredible range of colors, in a wide spectrum of yellows and whites. Recessed LEDs are available in soft white, warm white, and bright white in order to suit your needs. They come in red, purple, green, blue, and a whole host of colors. This is why LEDs are great for concerts and functions that require multicolored lights.

Lower heat emission

Recessed LEDs emit far lower amounts of heat than their incandescent and CFL counterparts. This reduces the risk of fire hazards when LEDs are used. They also do not discharge harmful infrared and ultraviolet. This ensures that recessed LEDs are less likely to damage your fabrics and delicate cloths.

Energy conservation

Recessed LED lighting uses around 30% lesser energy than CFLs and 85% lesser energy than incandescents. Over the course of many years, this translates to huge savings in your power bill. LEDs have a higher installation cost, but the money saved in energy over time will trump the initial cost. They also require lesser maintenance as they create almost no heat and do not require special disposal.

Currently, LED bulbs control a very small share of the market, including the recessed lighting market. The share will increase exponentially once more people realize the benefits of LED lighting. As LED technology develops, it will further reduce costs and will render CFLs and incandescents obsolete.

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