Strange And Wonderfully Unique Uses Of LED Technology

Polar Ray Admin

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are slowly replacing LCDs, CFLs, incandescent, and other forms of lighting across all industries due to their innumerable benefits over other types of lighting technology. LED lights are more energy efficient, longer lasting, eco-friendly, and flexible. LEDs are far more versatile than traditional forms of lighting which is why they have some incredibly unique applications in today's world.

LED balloons

LED-powered air balloons have become a huge party attraction in recent years but their applications are far more beneficial than just lighting up your party. LED-powered balloons are capable of accurately monitoring and gauging the level of exhaust and diesel in the immediate atmosphere and the balloon changes color in response to the surrounding environment. It is capable of alerting you as to when you should move to a greener pasture and LED balloons have become particularly useful for those with asthma and related breathing problems.

Glowing benches

Soon enough, the benches in your local park may be glowing! A perfect fit for dark backyards and parks, LED-powered benches can be manufactured to be weather resistant and require very low quantities of power. A German firm named Frellstedt has been manufacturing glow in the park benches and these benches come in numerous color changing models. We can expect every park in Germany to be filled with these benches within the next decade!

Luminous LED wallpapers

Instead of looking at your boring, one-dimensional wallpaper, you could soon have color changing wallpaper that could completely revitalize the look of your home and office. Phillips has been developing LED wallpapers that could completely invalidate the need to get your walls painted. With this wallpaper technology, you can literally change the color of your wall at the flip of a switch and these wall panels can be configured in any color you desire.

LED contact lens

In Finland, Aalto University has now developed an incredible 'bionic' contact lens that can do far more than just helping you with your vision. These lenses could become a VR or augmented reality tool as they can be connected remotely to a computer or mobile screen, enabling the wearer to see anything VR-based with just these contacts alone. The lens does its job by transmitting data to a transparent sapphire chip that possesses a tiny, micro LED. Contact lenses such as these are expected to be the new normal in a couple of decades.