Soraa LED MR16 - The Improved LED

Polar Ray Admin

LEDs are becoming widely popular and are being increasingly used as a replacement for the conventional sources of lighting such as CFL and fluorescent light bulbs. LEDs are durable, energy efficient, and it comes with adjustable color and brightness.

At times, you may need to use some sort of reflector to control the directionality of the light emitted by the light bulbs. A type of such reflector is the multifaceted reflector or MR light bulbs. They are mostly used in recessed lighting, landscape lighting, bicycle lighting, or basically any lighting that requires directionality to serve its purpose. The term MR is accompanied by a number which depicts the diameter of the bulb. The number corresponds to units of eighths of an inch. MR16 indicates a diameter of 16/8 inches.

Soraa LED MR16 LED bulbs

For a given wattage, LED MR16 lights produce much more light due to the multifaceted reflector. The LED MR16 bulbs launched by Soraa comes with its own unique features and design. Soraa LED MR16 bulbs emit uniform beams of light with high intensity. It comes with the company’s unique LED technology that allows a better rendering of colors. Soraa MR16 LED bulbs make use of deep red emission to render warm tones. The bulb has a high color rendering index or CRI.

In case of Soraa MR16 LED light bulbs, violet emission is engineered in such a way that it can excite natural objects like our teeth and eyes and white material as well. These bulbs are bright, efficient, and render all the colors in the visible spectrum. They emphasize different colors and make them appear more natural.


These bulbs can be fully dimmed and can be used both indoor and outdoor in enclosed and non-ventilated spaces. Most LED bulbs perform very poorly in such areas. Soraa MR16s allow you to alter beam shapes and adjust the color temperature by making use of a magnetic attachment. You can count on a variety of options when it comes to display and design.

The new Soraa MR16 LEDs also come equipped with a technology that eliminates the problem of invisible flicker or stroboscopic effect. Invisible flicker can have adverse effects and Soraa MR16 LED is equipped with a digital driver that eliminates these effects. They are highly compatible with transformers and dimmers. These lamps are able to regulate temperature which extends their lifetime.