Putting Recessed Lights to Good Use

Polar Ray Admin

Bad lighting can destroy the mood of even the most beautifully decorated home. Many people tend to choose recessed lighting to bypass such an event. However, bad recessed lights can turn ceilings into looking like blocks of hanging cheese. Rooms will be blanketed in dull light. Good recessed lighting not only increases visibility where it is most wanted, but also injects ambiance and interest to the environment.

Lighting must be done in layers. It is an excellent idea to blend recessed lights with a number of other kinds of lighting like table lamps and candles. If these are done, the room will feel inviting. Recessed lighting can be used both in modern spaces and also in traditional settings. Strategically positioned recess lighting can be extremely aesthetic.

Light wall, not floor

A number of configurations are present in recessed lighting. Wall washer is generally positioned about 24 inches distant from the wall. The exact distance depends on the height of the ceiling and can be as low as 18 inches. It can be utilized in series to spread the light on big surfaces. Superb illumination occurs when the light gets bounced off from vertical surface to a room. The wall, and not the light, becomes a focal point of attraction.

Spotlight objects, including art

There is no need to flood a space with evenly spaced lighting. It makes sense to introduce spotlights so that the eye can orient itself. The spotlights, unlike wall washers, attract attention to a particular point within any room. The spotlight can be installed in bathrooms too. Best location is above porcelain sink. Keeping it near the bathtub makes the bathroom sparkle.

Importance of correct trim style

Everybody is aware that beauty lies in the details. Recessed lighting is available with multiple apertures and trim options. Selecting the suitable ones could make any ceiling appear artistic and refined. Recessed light fixtures are sold in metal finishes as they appear excellent in the wood ceilings. People with minimalist taste can install the flangeless fixtures that are plastered onto the ceiling so to appear seamless.

Bulb color

All light bulbs are not the same. Many like the warm glow spread by incandescent lighting. It is important to examine the LED color quality prior to buying them. It is recommended that one buys the available warmest LED for residential spaces. Do note that cheaper LEDs suffer from inconsistent color quality.