How to Light Up Art Pieces

Polar Ray Admin

Art looks more beautiful when it is lit correctly. The lighted art adds a rare sophisticated quality to the space. It is to be remembered that one size does not fit all in lighting art. The question to be asked is whether you want to illuminate the art directly or just have that in an excellently lit room.

Spotlights and ceiling mounted lights

Accent lights mounted to the ceiling are pin spotlights which direct the light towards individual artworks. Such ceiling fixtures can be mounted on the surface or can be recessed. They permit the light direction to be adjusted as per needs. The spread of the light beams can be specified as well. This will ensure that the artworks are well covered by light.

Experts recommend that the ceiling mounted lights must be positioned in such a way that the light beam hits the artwork's center when the lighting fixture gets adjusted to 30-degree angle. If the art piece is lighted at 10 degrees, then the light is close to the wall. It means that the light points nearly straight down. If this happens, long shadows will be cast below that frame. Conversely. If the fixture goes too far back, to about 45 degrees, then it means that the light is pointed too much directly. There will be reflective glare.

Track lights and Wall Washers

Track lighting offers a more minimalist appearance. When equipped with correct lamps, they perform the same function as the accent lights which are mounted on the ceiling. These lights offer many advantages. They can also be installed easily, and provide future flexibility. Unlike recessed ceiling fixtures which need a complete overhaul if the painting is moved to another location, track lighting helps to move the light fixture easily. It can also be taken off if required to do so. The only problem is that recessed lighting appearance is classier than track lighting.

Wall washers are light fixtures which deliver a broad distribution of light. There is no rigid rule that the lighting must focus only on the art object. Wall washers come in recessed, track mounted, and surface mounted fixtures as well. One bright wall gets created. The art is displayed on that wall. The room is lighted in an indirect manner. Wall washers bring flexibility to relocate, add, or remove art in future. This kind of light is excellent when it comes to conserving art as continuous light can damage the artwork.