Advantages of LED T8 Tubes over Fluorescent Tubes for Homes and Offices

Advantages of LED T8 Tubes over Fluorescent Tubes for Homes and Offices

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Advantages of LED T8 Tubes over Fluorescent Tubes for Homes and Offices

With the incremental benefits of using LED lights becoming more evident by the day, more and more people are showing clear inclination to use them instead of fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs. One major advantage is that while fluorescent lights have a lifespan of 15000 hours at the maximum, LED lights have a marked and proven durability of at least 50000 light hours which could mean a durability of almost 15 years.

This saves many hours of maintenance as well as many dollars of expenses related to maintenance and replacement of both the actual light and the supporting hardware. This has made LED tubes a better choice over fluorescent tubes in homes and business facilities across the world.

Benefits of LED tubes

1 Made in the exact shape and size of fluorescent tubes: Since modern LED tubes resemble fluorescent tubes, it makes it easier to retrofit or replace these with LEDs without having to change the entire bracket or fixture that would have jacked up the cost. You can continue to use the same brackets and even other hardware and wirings till you find the right time or opportunity to replace them with ones that are LED specific.
2. LEDs work perfectly with control systems: The efficiency or durability of LED tubes doesn’t get affected by how they are turned on or off or the number of times they are switched on or off. Hence they work perfectly with lighting control systems and smart control panels which use computing devices to control the output of energy. Fluorescent lights have been seen to burn out much quicker when integrated with motion sensors and other lighting control units.
3. LED tubes can withstand greater heat and still remain much cooler: LED tubes have a housing that allow them to withstand heat in excess of 100ºF and still stay cool while other light sources including fluorescent lights start to burn out faster. Also, LED lights don’t radiate heat like traditional light sources. That means less damage and better life span.
4. LED tubes have better efficiency: LED tubes have a much better efficiency than fluorescent tubes and this becomes more evident with steady progress of time. In the long run, a LED tube can save 30-50% more energy than a traditional tube. They also provide better lighting due to higher CRI and color temperature. 
5. LED tubes are environment-friendly: LED tubes are free from known toxins like mercury which are present in fluorescent tubes and harmful for the environment. Collectively, traditional lights like halogens and incandescent lights over the years have caused almost irreparable damage to the environment.


LED tubes are very user friendly. The reasons are quite apparent. So, if you are still persisting with fluorescent lights for your residential and commercial properties, it is time for you to rethink your position. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy the various benefits and economies provided by LED lights?