8 Things You Didn’t Know About LED Bulbs

8 Things You Didn’t Know About LED Bulbs

Polar Ray Admin

8. Long-lasting: LED lights have an amazing lifespan. Plug in an LED in that socket, and expect a light-giver that outlasts all other types by up to 10 times! That means 10 times more the savings, 10 times lesser the trouble of changing bulbs, and 10 times more the satisfaction.

7. Highly efficient power consumption: This is another spectacular thing about LED bulbs. LEDs consume power very efficiently. This means that you get maximum lighting for minimum energy consumption. Other forms of lighting may not really give you as much light as the amount of energy that they consume.

6. Quick illumination: LED bulbs give their optimal performance the very instant that you turn on that switch. That means no more squinting your eyes, waiting for the room to be bright enough.

5. Very, very durable: The way that LEDs are built is such that no delicate components are used. The parts of an LED are sturdy and rough, making them durable and safe, especially for rooms and areas where there is a chance of bulbs getting damaged easily.

4. Cost-saving: LED bulbs are perhaps one of the smartest ways to save money on energy in the long run. What with its long life and efficiency, you will see that once you have replaced all your bulbs with LED bulbs, your power bills will not give you as much as a shock as they always do.

3. Optimal performance even in low-voltage: Due to its high efficiency, LED bulbs burn perfectly bright even when the voltage is low. This means that even when you are outdoors and have a low voltage supply, you can still enjoy bright light. This can be a boon in areas that are prone to constant voltage-fluctuations or have low voltage issues.

2. Safe to use: LED bulbs don’t really ‘burn’ in the conventional sense. They do not heat up much and so do not pose any danger of burns and scalds. In-fact, you can simply turn off the switch and replace the bulbs bare-hand immediately!

1. Environment-Friendly: Hands down this is the best reason to use LED bulbs. If you closely analyze the above points, you will see that on the whole LEDs are excellent solutions to environment issues. These besides many, many other things that go into making an LED makes these bulbs extremely environment friendly.  In-fact, it is mainly for this reason that a number of homes are now using more LED bulbs than traditional lights. LED bulbs are definitely winners when it comes to environment-friendly solution that can save you some money too.