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Square LED Downlights

These high quality square LED downlights present new design possibilities for your LED lighting projects. Square luminaries often fit into design parameters with a nicer aesthetic appearance than round ones. They are a bit more uncommon and can present a nice compliment to the straight lines and square corners of rooms. These are designed for easy installation in both lighting upgrade projects and new construction, and they mount in most recessed housings using a snap-in IDEAL connector and friction clip system. They are certainly excellent choices for residential, retail, commercial or institutional applications. The 3” and 4” units are 50W and 65W equivalents and draw only 8W and 10.5W, respectively. The available color temperatures are 2700, 3000, and 4000K, so there is a wide choice range to help set the mood in the space. One of the nicest metrics of these lights might just be the fact that the CRI is in excess of 90 with an R9 of greater than 50. What that means is a greater ability to exhibit the correct color of objects – merchandise, artwork, and other objects and items which could be of importance in regard to sellers presenting product and consumers determining a choice. The same ability to present correct object colors is also a plus for your residential lighting as the correct rendition of colors can, and will, enhance the feeling of the environment.