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LED Energy Savings Calculator

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Relamp Labor Cost: The labor cost to change the bulb you are currently using, this cost may be zero. $ N/A Average Daily Use (hrs):
Relamp Bulb Cost: The unit cost to replace the bulb you are currently using. $ N/A Days Used Per Year:
Initial Fixture Cost: The total hardware cost for a new fixture installation. May include fixture, housing, light bulb, trim etc.

If you have a pre-existing fixture, enter only the cost of the light bulb (Relamp Bulb Cost), LED light bulb or LED light engine.
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Actual savings may vary from estimated savings. The estimated savings is not a warranty or guarantee of savings in any particular use.

Cost Analysis

Costs Current Solution LED Replacement Savings
Initial Cost
Annual Energy Costs
Annualized Relamping
Annualized Labor
Total Annual
Lamp Lifetime (Yrs)  

Luminaire Lifetime Cost Comparison

Year Current Solution LED Replacement Annual Savings Cumulative Savings