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Confused about California Title 24?
Whether you're in the midst of a new construction or remodel project, understanding Title 24 standards for lighting can be confusing to say the least.  Rest assured that carries a large selection of LED downlights that meet or exceed Title 24 2008 requirements and provide a simple, easy-to-install solution that will leave you smiling.  Here are a few quick tips and additional resources if you want to plunge further into the topic: 

  • If you need to purchase California Title 24 qualified products please make sure to look at the 'Product Details' located next to the main image on each product's page. If the product meets Title 24 requirements, you will find 'California Title 24 Compliant' listed near the bottom of the details list.




  • Lighting Science Group Glimpse LED downlights offer a number of Title 24 compliant installation options including direct connection into the Halo H750ICAT and H750RICAT housings. Due to their low profile, they can also be installed in areas where a regular of shallow recessed housing would not fit. This is accomplished by using a junction box with a minimum of 2.5" of depth.


  • Have you already installed, or are looking to utilize existing recessed cans with an Edison base? Don't worry, we have several solutions that will work for you. Most of our Title 24 LED recessed lights include an adapter that allows the customer to remove the Edison base in the existing housing and replace it with a GU24 socket, or directly wire the light into the can using a wiring clip. For certain models, including the Sylvania RT downlights, the adapter is sold separately.


  • Make sure to review the spec sheets, installation instructions etc. located on each product's webpage. The red links to these pdf documents are easily located on the additional info tab. They will provide you with further detail regarding the installation and use of each product.

The California Lighting Technology Center and the California Energy Commission have several helpful guides and downloads for those needing additional information. They can be found at:

As always, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-494-5773 with questions on LED lighting products or Title 24 issues.