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Posted on 03/28/2017 by Steve A

LED Recessed Lighting Guide - Downlights

In the United States alone there are well over 700 million downlights installed in residential and commercial buildings. Representing less than 1% of all these lights are LED downlights.

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Posted on 03/13/2017 by Steve A

OLED Luminaire Testing Report

A recent report compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) indicates that progress is being made in the OLED field and, even though there are currently some products on the market, the OLED technology still has a pretty steep development curve to overcome in order to meet the product goals of OLED luminaires

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Posted on 03/06/2017 by Steve A

LED Outdoor Lighting

The lighting of outdoor areas with LED lighting is becoming more and more prominent.

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Posted on 02/27/2017 by Steve A

News on LED Troffer Performance

Troffers are found everywhere there is a need for economical area lighting. They are commonly used in offices, schools, commercial, retail and public spaces and more.

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Posted on 02/27/2017 by Steve A

LED Downlights

Just as troffers are a staple in the lighting of offices, schools, and other large complexes, downlights play the same role in residential and hospitality settings as well as commercial applications.

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Posted on 02/17/2017 by Steve A

LED Lighting and Economic and Social Development

Recent research has suggested that with the use of solar powered LED lighting in impoverished regions around the world, economic development could be boosted to the tune of 2 million new jobs produced.

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Posted on 02/15/2017 by Steve A

LED Standards

There is a world-wide effort to place guidelines and standards on LED based solid state lighting (SSL) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) has issued documents outlining performance guidelines for them in certain applications.

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Posted on 02/13/2017 by Steve A

LEDs in Medical Instruments

A previous blog here touched on uses of LED lighting as general area lighting and as task lighting as used in the medical field. In this blog the use of LEDs in medical instruments will be the subject.

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Posted on 02/09/2017 by Steve A


OLEDs – organic light-emitting diodes - are relatives of LEDs but are organic, meaning their major building blocks are organic (carbon-based) materials which emit light across their surface, instead of producing a single point source of light as the LED does.

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Posted on 01/27/2017 by Steve A

Lighting rEvolution 8.0

From the beginning of the first commercially successful electrically powered artificial lighting, which was the Edison incandescent bulb, to the current LED technology, all the different electrical lighting technology that has occurred between the commercialization of the two is on the list of artificial lighting that will soon be outdated by one form of lighting technology, that being, LED.

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